• August 15th, 2019




    Client: Walmart

    Location: Milk Studios, Los Angeles

    Length of Shoot: One day pre-light, three day shoot

    Besides the wrap beers, problem solving is my favorite part of my job. Creating a seamless image that wraps all three sides of a Walmart semi truck trailer (111’ x 8.5’) requires problem solving. One hundred thousand pixels wide clearly requires a dolly move.

    My crew worked with a great team at Saatchi NY / Dept W along with sort of really awesome producer Michael McClellan at MadActive Productions to make it happen. Destiny our on-set wonder dog pretended to be a stuffed animal and seemed to really enjoy the craft services. Adam Moore at Sugar Digital brought it all home.

    I do love LA. Lovely studios, great sunsets, nice hotels, long runs on treadmills in nice hotels.

    We just might have executed two other concepts for Walmart that could see the light of day soon.

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